Become a Meridian partner

We know betting - Inside Out

Become a Meridian Partner and get the strength and resources of one of the most successful global betting service providers behind you.

Whether you intend to build brand new betting company, resell betting service or implement betting solutions in your existing gambling business, partnering with Meridian can help you to establish business, win more customers, make more profit and add revenue to your company.

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Bet Shop Manager

Meridian legacy of best practice and 20 year experience in betting shop operation is integrated into this platform and allowing operators to streamline critical processes, control the operation and continue improvement betting operation.

Using the latest Linux technology, it has been developed to meet all of the most important current and future challenges of the retail betting industry.

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  • Highly optimized back-end
  • Land based, internet, mobile and terminal betting integrated
  • Most advanced risk management and multi trading
  • Intelligent security detection and fraud prevention
  • Fast, ergonomic, easy-to-use
  • Powerful profitability analysis
  • Improved decision making
  • Relevant optimized statistical information
  • Margin guaranteed
  • Overall cost reduction

Progressive Jack-pot

Connect all betting products that are driven from Bet Shop Manager into 1 unique 3 level Jack Pot.

On-Screen-Display (Screen System)

External software application that is providing total and unlimited control over On-Screen-Display system.

Loyalty Card

Customer Loyalty Card provide full advantage of the bonus rewarding system and maximum customer satisfaction.

Promo Animation

Dynamic way for presentation of new products in betting shops. These video animations presents new products features on simple way.

Virtual Greyhound and Horse Racing

The latest video animation technologies. Works with all other betting systems.

Fast Bet

New possibility for customers to place their bets easier and faster. Brand new way of betting with reducing time for making ticket by operators.

The next generation of betting experience.

Internet Betting & Casino Solutions

Deliver the Internet betting and casino solutions to your customers and give them advantage to bet and play in real time – no matter where they are.

Partnership model is only a revenue share, without upfront payments, installation and licensing fees.

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Meridian Affiliate System

Our state-of-art brand new software is growing rapidly through the online betting and casino industry.
Affiliates will enjoy working with Meridian affiliate platform and on its clear and extremely functional.

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